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McWhorter Capital Partners’ mission is to help families grow their wealth so that they can live more fully and give more generously.



McWhorter Capital Partners, LLC traces its roots back to 1990, well before formal registration.  Josh McWhorter was 10 years old,  wanted to go to a basketball camp, and needed to make some money.  A childhood friend suggesting selling donuts on a Friday night.  His friend’s father picked up 88 dozen fresh Krispy Kreme donuts and took the boys out to sell them door-to-door to local businesses in Burlington, North Carolina. 


They sold those donuts for $2.50/dozen.  One dollar of every box went back to pay for the donuts, $0.50 for gas.  The one dollar of profit of each box was split 50/50.  In less than three hours, Josh and his friend had made $44 each. Those values from working with people, working as a team, learning how to pay costs and operate a profitable operation served Josh well then and serves today as a foundation for what McWhorter Capital Partners, LLC is built upon.


Upon graduating from Furman University, Josh decided that he wanted to work for himself while working with people. He joined Moore Financial Group, a general agency of MassMutual, where he earned several performance-based awards as a financial advisor.


In 2009, Josh founded his first company, Black Oak Asset Management.  He knew that there was a calling on his life to give, but like most new businesses, finances were tight.  That May, the company was down to its last few dollars; struggling just to keep the doors open. It was then that Josh felt called to give half of all he had remaining.  That step of faith proved to be a turning point in his life. 


In 2012 while Josh was serving as President & CEO of Black Oak Asset Management, he felt led to do more. While spending very little, what he didn't give, he saved. He started acquiring local companies. From a timing standpoint, he felt real estate was an especially attractive asset class. Due to commitments and regulations within the financial industry, Josh recruited his brother, Jacob McWhorter, to launch and operate  what would be their first of many real estate ventures, J.A. McWhorter Holdings, LLC.  Jacob raised capital and used a quantitative model built by Josh to begin investing in real estate.  In less than two years, the fund returned to the investors 64.68% over capital raised. 


In August 2013, Josh sold Black Oak Asset Management and founded McWhorter Capital Partners, LLC.  McWhorter Capital Partners eventually becomes the parent company to all companies and general partner to McWhorter Holdings, LLC and their real estate & private equity ventures. Beyond just helping investors, Josh added consulting to the resume to work with others who face the same challenges he does.

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