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Christo et Doctrinae - Alumni Mentorship

On October 22, Josh McWhorter will return to his alma mater in Greenville, South Carolina, to share some thoughts and inspire the next generation of Paladin business leaders.

McWhorter has been invited to speak to the Business 450 Strategic Management class taught by Dr. Virginia Gerde. BUS-450 Strategic Management is a senior level business administration course that focuses on industry and competitive analysis and strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation.

"I’m ecstatic to get back to Poinsett Highway,” McWhorter said. "When I was given a scholarship to Furman, I had many people tell me that degree would mean something. I don’t know if I really understood at the time, how valuable that degree would prove to be. President Elizabeth Davis has created some very exciting initiatives, but Furman remains the definition of higher education.”

"I definitely want to thank Dr. Gerde for the invitation,” he added. "Knowing the caliber of our alumni base and those who have been previously invited to speak, being added to that distinguished list is truly an honor.”

McWhorter will be speaking on leadership and entrepreneurial principles that lead to success.


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