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Horton Outdoor Announces Acquisition of Thirteen Billboard Structures from Lewis Outdoor


Horton Outdoor (Cartersville, GA), a subsidiary of McWhorter Capital Partners, LLC (MCP), announced today that it has acquired assets of Lewis Outdoor with locations across northwest Georgia.

In the acquisition, Horton acquired 13 strategically located billboard structures with 28 faces. McWhorter Capital Partners CEO, Josh McWhorter, said of the purchase, “It’s rare to find an acquisition from a strategic partner that checks all the boxes. Jeff has been a tremendous asset to MCP as an advisor, investor and board member. He’s had a tremendous amount of success in this industry. When the conversation started, I knew this was a special deal.”

Mr. Lewis said, “While being in the outdoor industry for many years and passing on other offers, this deal just felt right. Not only do I get to continue to be part of the growth from an advisory role, but plan on continuing to have an active role with our mutual clients.”

With this latest acquisition, Horton Outdoor has now grown to 290 faces/flips across three states within less than two years.

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