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McWhorter Capital Partners and Bartow Street Capital to Raise $150 Million for Continued Expansion i

McWhorter Capital Partners and Bartow Street Capital announce plans to raise $150 million in capital to invest in out of home advertising company Horton Outdoor.

Cartersville, GA (July 16, 2018) McWhorter Capital Partners, a private equity and real estate investment firm, is pleased to announce that it is partnering with Bartow Street Capital, a subsidiary of Greenfield Advisors, to raise $150 million for the continued expansion of Horton Outdoor Advertising. Horton Outdoor is an outdoor advertising company that specializes in vinyl, digital, and TriVision boards. Horton Outdoor is a subsidiary of McWhorter Capital Partners, which also owns various real estate companies, including LakePoint Realty Group and McWhorter Goss General Contractors.

Greenfield Advisors, a boutique economic and financial analysis firm that provides government and private sector clients with customized consultations and advisory services, approached McWhorter Capital Partners to represent the fund and anticipates a full subscription of accredited investors in 12-18 months. The capital raise will be managed by Bartow Street Capital, a wholly owned subsidiary of Greenfield Advisors. Bartow Street Capital is a boutique investment bank that specializes in raising capital for companies and funds and participates in sell side merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions in the areas of PropTech, real estate, and general industrials. The Bartow Street Capital team is led by managing directors, Drs. Clifford A. Lipscomb and John A. Kilpatrick.

“We are proud of the rapid growth that Horton Outdoor has experienced. The company went from seven billboard structures to 111 structures with more than 450 faces/flips in less than three years,” said Josh McWhorter, CEO of McWhorter Capital Partners. “There’s so much opportunity and cash flow in the out-of-home advertising industry right now that it just makes sense to accelerate growth. The tightening outdoor advertising regulatory environment and high barriers to entry add value to existing boards.”

Horton Outdoor recently passed a big milestone, acquiring and developing over 111 structures and 458 faces/flips in the states of Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. Horton Outdoor is managed by an experienced team including Marshall Henderson, president; Hunter Horton, senior account manager; and Mark Gatewood, market development manager.

The funds will be used to add existing structures and construct new digital and static boards across the Southeast. By targeting independents, Horton Outdoor seeks to accelerate its expansion into existing key markets.

“We are pleased that Horton Outdoor has entrusted Bartow Street Capital with running this capital raise process for them,” said Dr. Lipscomb. “Early indications suggest that there is a lot of interest from investors on this particular raise, in no small part due to the significant skin in the game that Horton Outdoor is putting into the fund and its unique investment thesis.”

Applications for the investment cycle are currently open for qualified investors. Contact Greenfield Advisors for additional details.

About McWhorter Capital Partners

McWhorter Capital Partners is a private equity and real estate investment firm that helps investors grow their wealth so they can live more fully and give more generously. Investment portfolio includes Horton Outdoor, Lakepoint Realty, and McWhorter Goss General Contractors. For more information, visit

About Greenfield Advisors

Founded in 1976, Greenfield Advisors is a boutique economic and financial analysis firm that provides government and private sector clients with customized consultations and advisory services. Best known for its analysis of complex economic, financial, and real estate situations in high-profile litigation matters, Greenfield Advisors also develops feasibility studies, business plans, and appraisals for its clients. Greenfield Advisors’ subsidiary, Bartow Street Capital LLC, serves as its investment banking and capital raising arm, and its subsidiary, Accre LLC, acts as an investment principal. Learn more about Greenfield Advisors by calling 770-334-3952 or visiting

*Bartow Street Capital conducts securities business through Bridge Capital Associates, Inc., a FINRA member and SIPC registered Broker-Dealer.

Forward Looking Statements and Future Results

This press release may contain forward-looking statements with respect to McWhorter Capital Partners. Forward-looking statements are statements that are not descriptions of historical facts and include statements regarding management's intentions, beliefs, expectations, plans or predictions of the future. Because such statements include risks, uncertainties and contingencies, actual results may differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Past performance is not indicative of future results.


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